Arrangement of motor transportation by trucks as a separate direction of services provided by our company appeared recently as a result of our constant optimizing of our Clients' costs.

We suggest trucks using both as separate transportation and as a part of container shipping.

We’ll provide quick and trusted service at best price by estimating the most efficient route and arranging your cargo delivery by truck.

To calculate the cost of your cargo delivery by truck please send us e-mail specifying all below information at

  1. Place of loading (with indication of warehouse name and address)
  2. Place of delivery (consignee’s warehouse)
  3. Type of transportation:
    • Domestic transportation
    • International transportation
  4. Cargo description, peculiarities (hazard class, temperature requirements, etc.)
  5. Characteristics of packages (type of packing, size, package weight)
  6. Suggested loading (cargo weight in truck, cargo volume)
  7. Type of loading (back, side, top)
  8. Number of shipments (suggested total number, per months, weeks)